Peace, Peace

“The Lord says, Peace, Peace.” -Isaiah 57:19

While spending time at the lake, I quickly realized how much of my life I spend speeding through it or constantly occupying myself. I rarely take a moment to thank God for what I have around me or to stop and simply breathe. I no longer can sit at a cafe by myself without my phone or go a day without checking social media. I’ve gotten so unconsciously obsessed with my phone and the lives of others online that I don’t live my life to its full potential. My phone is one issue, but another I came across in Europe, that is very common amongst Americans, is the inability to be patient. Most of us feel such a need to have everything ready to go and hurried. For example, fast food, coffee to go (instead of sitting in the coffee shop), and angry drivers when traffic gets backed up. When did life become such a rush?

I’m not saying phones and fast food is bad. It’s just the fact that we are all so caught up in the busyness of life that we never slow down. So take a moment…breath…thank the Lord…and take life as it comes, step by step with the Lord leading you because I promise life will be so much more peaceful!

Love, Laura Finley Hasenbank

p.s- I really needed this reminder and am trying to slow myself down, so let’s do this together!

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